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Monday, December 20, 2010

XLV Party Kicks off Dallas' First-Ever Super Bowl Weekend

The XLV Party in the Cotton Bowl will showcase some of the hottest stars in the entertainment world for socializing, dancing, and merriment. A-list celebrities, star athletes and the world’s hottest musicians and DJ’s will come together for three nights of spectacular VIP parties, February 3-5, 2011.

The XLV Party will have the whole infield under a climate controlled tent with approximately 7,000 to 8,000 people attending each night. This is the Dallas area’s first time playing host to the legendary Super Bowl, and an event of this magnitude deserves an equally exciting celebration.


XLV Party Kicks off Dallas' First-Ever Super Bowl Weekend with Three Celebrity-Filled Events at the Historic Cotton Bowl
Published: Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010 | 10:06 AM ET

DALLAS, Dec 14, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As the countdown begins to the first-ever Super Bowl in North Texas, XLV Party is gearing up with the announcement of its spectacular events. For three consecutive nights, XLV Party at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas' historic Fair Park will showcase some of the hottest stars in the entertainment world to host the biggest celebrity-driven party in Dallas. Beginning Thursday, February 3, 2011, America's Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, Steve Kemble, will host elite guests to Belvedere Vodka and Moet & Chandon Champagne's red carpet events with celebrity DJs and musical acts.

Featuring over 60,000 square feet of tented space and a 5,000 square foot dance floor, guests will enjoy a night filled with pure entertainment. XLV Party begins Thursday, February 3 and will run through February 5, 2011.


Kicking off the high-energy weekend will be the one-of-a-kind Village People. The six-man group has sold over 100 million recordings, and is best known for their costumes, choreographed routines, and of course, the YMCA! Russian recording Lena Katina of t.A.T.u, known for hit songs like "All the Things She Said," will also bring her eclectic sound to the Cotton Bowl stage. Internationally renowned DJ Hector Fonseca, DJ Enferno, New York's Lady Bunny and Cazwell will keep the party going until 3am.

Get ready for an energy-filled evening as electro-pop group Passion Pit does a DJ set taking its perfectionist pop vision to a whole new level. Prepare your body and mind as DJ Kaskade, praised as "The Best Up & Coming Artist," continues to rock the house with Lance Herbstrong who has worked alongside every musical artist you could name.

Blending a love of dance-hall and rock-steady reggae rhythms with an aggressive punk ethic, Sublime with Rome will headline Saturday night's soiree. Along with official Beastie Boys cover band, Rhymin & Stealin, DJ Martinson and DJ Pullano will have everyone dancing. Texas alternative rockers Exit 380 will complete the spectacular evening's entertainment.

All events will take place on the field of the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park, 1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd. Dallas, Texas, 75210. Tickets are now on sale. To purchase tickets or to find more information about the parties, visit

SOURCE: XLV Party CONTACT: adastra public relations Ariana Hajibashi, 214-641-9684
Copyright Business Wire 2010

Tickets @


Friday, November 5, 2010

New E3 Bio Posted

The new has continued to facelift as our updated band biography was posted yesterday (see: "About Me" page). Personally, I am happy to see our musical ambiguity has finally been transposed into literary ambiguity.

See below:

  In the spring of 1999, spawned by an insidious need for attention; Exit 380 began its crawl in the wet streets of Denton, Texas from acoustic two-piece bar schlock to the more sprint ready five-headed alternative act wrought with electrified instruments. Best known in the North Texas region for its 11 years of rock and roll pandering, the band has begun to wear a new tread into its heel by hitchhiking down a more swamp laden, alt-country road.
  Late nights, loud tirades and long winding tire sessions have honed five individuals into a hand-wrench diesel engine complete with minimal banter and maximum thrust. The formulaic live standards are lightly adhered to in the club setting and even less so within the studio; recording without the use of a net.
  Standing on the frayed edges of alternative music Exit 380 has been well received by media types; quantified by accolades, interviews, reviews and general press niceties. Swimming in an ever changing sea of styles this is an act that stays fresh by keeping its toes in different waters.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Check Out our New Official Website -

In the midst of getting the Townies material fleshed out for studio work, the band has been busy on a couple more projects too. Last week we released our "Moonshiner Run" video from James Villa (El Villa Films), and this week our old, rickety got a huge retool; starting that sucker over from scratch.

The site is revamped with new music, pictures, videos, blogs, mailing lists, street team, bios and more. It is synched to all of our various social media and download sites to get you lined out with the latest e3 news, tweets, posts, likes, and updates.

Don't take my word for it...use your right finger to make that 'click' sound.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch Exit 380's New Music Video "Moonshiner Run"

Exit 380
"Moonshiner Run"

Rockyard Records / El Villa Films
Copyright 2010 Fite Lite Productions

Read more about the video shoot and song lyrics from our BLOG HERE!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exit 380 on "Kelsey Grammer Live" HD TV Show TONIGHT

I'll be doing a call-in interview tonight from 9-11pm (Central Time) to the Los Angeles based TODHD / On-Demand Tv show "Kelsey Grammer Live". It is setup so that the audience can chime into the host via the chatroom to ask questions to the various guests. This broadcast will be featured by Impulse Magazine for Men and I am assuming they'll be asking me about manly magazine type things (i.e. colognes, v-necks, and leather shoes). Also, Exit 380 should be tied in there too.

So, click up, log on, fire up a DVR or web in your phone tonight and let's see what happens.

Broadcast Live TONIGHT 9-11pm (Central Time) on "Kelsey Grammar Live" TODHD (Tv On-Demand HD).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last Week to DONATE TO DOWNLOAD "Moonshiner Run" for ASCC Now!

Thanks to all who have already supported Artists Supporting Cure For Cancer Now by downloading "Moonshiner Run"! ASCC Now is closing up the digital shop on the track this week, so if you haven't grabbed it yet, then this will be your last chance as the band won't be re-releasing the song for purchase until it is physically pressed with the full length Townies.

Press Clips (ASCC Now) Donate To Download:
Dallas Observer's Music Editor Pete Freedman posted an article for the program and even commented on the track via-DC9 At Night saying, "The among the best offerings we've yet heard from the band." Pop Music Critic Preston Jones also contributed to the cause by posting this in their Music Blog.

Video Sidenote:
Exit 380 wrapped shooting for the "Moonshiner Run" video last weekend in Fort Worth and we are excited about this one. It was filmed by James Villa, one of the most talented local photographers, and initial rough cuts of the footage have looked great! So, we will have a video release to stream online in the coming weeks!

HD Net Music Discovery Television series has been airing our "Alexander Stone" and "Run For The Gold" alongside some great national and local DFW artists, so set your DVR and perhaps "Moonshiner Run" will make an on-air debut in the near future.


Johnny Law on the set "Moonshiner Run"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shooting "Moonshiner Run" Video & Lyrics

This weekend the band will be celebrating Patriot Day by linking up w/ our favorite photographer James Villa to shoot a live action concept video for our newest Townies track "Moonshiner Run". Villa's still photography has been integral over the last few years to our visual presentations; (see below) "The Broken House Session", "The Life & Death Of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Stone", "Guillitine Clothing", and "Cities Townies", as well as, various live shots from DFW venues. So, we're excited to see how his art will translate onto a moving picture!

We'll be shooting the scenes in and around the Stockyards and Downtown Fort Worth hoping some Cowtown flavor will drip onto the final cut. It should be ready for posting in the next couple of weeks...Stay tuned!

James Villa Photography / Exit 380 (2008-present)

LYRICS: "Moonshiner Run"

Get a move on boy!
Them feet they move like stone.
Don't ya drop that jug.
Johnny Law's among us....

Moonshiner run. Don't ya leave that gun.

Runnin', runnin', runnin' through the swamps and fields.
You know we're runnin', runnin', runnin' through the trees and hills.

Get a move on boy!
It's time to leave them toys.
Ma won't feed ya son.
If you don't get to Mount Glenn...

Moonshiner run. Don't ya leave that gun.
Ya need to trust me son.
For this Moonshiner Run.

Runnin', runnin', runnin' through the swamps and fields.
You know we're runnin', runnin', runnin' through the trees and hills.
Come on "faster, faster, faster" till ya come unhinged.
Ya know "come on, come on" two more miles to go.

Moonshiner run. Don't ya leave that gun.
Ya need to trust me son.
For this Moonshiner Run.

lyrics: blocker

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exit 380 On Your iPhone -- FREE --

Find us on IYFMusic.comThe next generation of music has just arrived! FREE iPhone Application
Exit 380 music, videos, news, calendar and more - Right to your iPhone!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


-- Wednesday Aug. 18th "Moonshiner Run" Release --

Tomorrow Exit 380 releases a new Townies track called "MOONSHINER RUN". The song will only be available ONLINE for Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now *ASCC Now* DONATE TO DOWNLOAD Program!

We originally recorded the song as a precursor to "Daddy Was A Freight Train" on the Cities Townies EP, and followed up with new sessions on this track for a full length Townies album (release tentative for early 2011). Once again we hit the big red button ourselves at Ab Studios in Fort Worth and we believe that our tracking has improved with each foray into the mixer!

Sidenote: We are going through a script for a concept video for this single; looking at a shoot time around early September. So, keep your YouTube eyes peeled.

The band is excited that this small project is going to such a worthy cause for ASCC Now and we hope that you participate by purchasing the song tomorrow! Also, we hope that you enjoy the new tune.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Old School...kinda.


Way back when in the olden days of our earliest beginnings of Exit 380 (early 2000's) we would run only at a few venues; mainly in Fort Worth & Denton. Tomorrow night we'll be visiting one of our old Funkytown haunts @ 8.0's in downtown.

The bar/restaurant/live music/outdoor patio has changed quite a bit over time, in terms of lighting and stage, but some of my fondest memories of those early years would have to be filed under the old downtown Pourhouse & 8.0's. The starkest contrast from then to now will have to come in the form of tomorrow night's event being an ORIGINAL MUSIC SERIES, as it was once hosted as a "play all night with cover tunes" type of venue.

Jonny The Saint will be opening the night @ 7pm, and Exit 380 hits the stage @ 9pm sharp. 21+, only $5 cover.

We hope to see some of those old schoolers reveling about on that brick laden patio tomorrow. And if you haven't seen us since circa 2000, then perhaps we'll be able to show you a bit of growth.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Busy Week!!

Where to begin...let's start from last Wednesday after the FW Weekly nomination post.

E3 played Lola's (amazing staff by the way) in Funkytown for a Cystic Fibrosis Benefit and it went off great! Boomin Gen Mills and Secret Ghost Champion were on their A-Game, and there was a good turnout w/ some very generous people in attendance (raising around $1200: nice job Marlo). When 2am came about some parking lot excitement ensued (sorry I can't expound), but I think Guillitine needs to get Ab a new grey shirt.

The band went seperate ways for the Memorial Day Weekend.

1002 emails and social pg things to catch up on. Among them 8 new bookings over the next two months (not all confirmed, but check or our myspace for the new show dates. Basically, we confirmed on a AED benefit, a ASCC (cancer) benefit, the RBAR 11th Anniversary Party (feat. all us old UNT bands circa 2002), a couple of Fort Worth Music Co-op events, Six Flags Loud & Local, and a slot on the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Showcases.

Approval to have our music licensed in film, video games, advertisements, etc. Meetings set up w/ a few different mover/shakers to include such riveting topics as; an animated video for "Daddy Was A Freight Train", a live/studio footage video for "Moonshiner Run", promotion company from cali, Superbowl show(s) with some big timers, and some new record label people we haven't met yet.

Friday (tomorrow):
Ok, I am seeing into the future here. We're playing The Cavern on Lower Greenville, and we really enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the venue, so we'll be rolling in to do an acoustic performance (actually it's b/c Bobby couldn't get off work to bang the skins). Anyways, I'm going out on a limb to say it will be a killer time.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

VOTE!! Exit380 Nominated "Best Rock" FW WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS 2010

It is coming upon the local music awards season, and the Fort Worth Weekly has just released their ballots for 2010. We've received a nomination under "Best Rock", and we need your vote!!

This is our 4th nomination in various categories by The FW Weekly in as many years, with our first nod in 2007, but we've only taken home a trophy once with last year's win for "Song Of The Year - Alexander Stone". So, we need TWO things from you to help us continue down the right track!

1.) VOTE


Exit380 Nominated FW WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS 2010 "BEST ROCK" Category


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Concert in Fort Worth!!

Exit 380 is headlining a Cystic Fibrosis Benefit show this Friday night @ Lola's Saloon on 6th Street in Ft Worth. Below is the info straight off the benefit's invite page:

"Please join me to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive tract. It is one of the most common chronic lung diseases in children and young adults, and may result in early death.

Chris Orr is on my team and his cousin has CF, along with many others that need our support!!!!

Exit 380, Secret Ghost Champions, and Boomin Gen Mills will be playing!!! Be sure and check these bands out on Facebook or Myspace before the show! : )

If you can't make the event and wish to still donate, please visit the following link and make a donation today:

Or if you would like to learn more about Cystic Fibrosis and the 2010 Great Strides Walk, please visit

Thank you to Lola's 6th Street, Exit 380, Secret Ghost Champions, and Boomin Gen Mills for helping me put this event together!"
-Marlo Escamilla

It's an all ages venue, with only a $6 donation at the door; all proceeds going to the CF event. Our good friends from Boomin Gen Mills (whom Borden is currently recording and producing an album) and Secret Ghost Champion are opening the eve.

We'll be mixing our upbeat rock tunes with our newer Townies material, so the night should have a very light and tasty feel to it. Check out the setlist below:

Moonshiner Run
Quid Pro Quo
Street Trash View
2 Lie
Run For The Gold
Daddy Was A Freight Train
Sinful Bliss & Sweet Remorse
Caught In A Lie
Love Lost It's Youth
Crazy Now


Monday, May 17, 2010

Recording New Single "Moonshiner Run"

Back to the studio!

We have some unfinished business to work over with our "Townies" side, so we're heading back to Borden's Fort Worth studio to get a new single called "Moonshiner Run" on record. It was one of our favorite tracks from last year's numerous demo sessions, and it nearly made the EP cut.

We reconfigured the song live a few weeks ago at City Tavern, and again for Lola'spaloozza, and it felt so good that it seemed wrong to relegate it to the live realm. Look out for a single release of the track in the coming weeks, most likely at

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cities Townies Wallpaper

We've had a few requests from you guys for new background/wallpaper to add to your cpu. So, here's a "Cities Townies" one for you.

Just save the jpg to your cpu and then right click "Set As Desktop Background".


Artwork by Blocker

Thursday, May 6, 2010

LOLA'SPALOOZZA This Weekend in Fort Worth!!

The best damn venue in Fort Worth is hosting a killer 2 Day / 2 Stage festival this weekend called LOLA'SPALOOZZA (after it's namesake Lola's Sixth Street), bringing in the heat with 30 bands! All day fest both Saturday and Sunday 1pm-close for only $6!!

It will be a lineup of nearly every heavy hitter in the Fort. Check the lineup for both days. See you there!



11pm 100 Damned Guns
10pm Chatterton
9pm Foe Destroyer
8pm Dove Hunter
7pm Calhoun
6pm Quaker City Nighthawks
5:30pm Jefferson Colby
5pm Keite Young
4:30pm Katsuk
4pm James Hinkle
3:30pm Braker Lane
3pm Dirty Pool
2:30pm Rahim Quazi
2pm The Boss Level
1pm The Hellcats


11pm Goodwin
10pm Rivercrest Yacht Club
9pm Sally Majestic
8pm Stoogeaphilia
7pm Josh Weathers Band
6pm Impulse of Will
5:30pm RTB2
5pm Exit 380
4:30pm Stella Rose
4pm Sweetooth
3:30pm Hanna Barbarians
3pm Automorrow
2:30pm Trailer Park Princess
2pm Addnerim
1:30pm Scott Copeland

Read "An orgy of Cowtown music" article (5/6/10) @

Courtesy Vanessa Lua Photography

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exit380 @ CITY TAVERN -- Saturday, May 1st

We're excited to be heading back to one of our favorite new venues; City Tavern in Downtown Dallas! The atmosphere has an amazing quality for both artist and listener, and we will be breaking down the logistics of our typical 'rock & roll' outing, by playing a very special full band Townies (folkie) set.

We'll be laying out some rare tracks, crowd pleasers, and a never before played Townies tune "Moonshiner Run". As a band we enjoy challenging ourselves musically and this is a show we've been rehearsing for pretty extensively, so we hope you make it out to catch it.

It's a cheap one too; only $5 and 21+. Exit 380 @ 10:30pm, Dovetail headlines with Dustin Welch opening the evening.

SET LIST (5.1.10):

Moonshiner Run

Sinful/Sweet Remorse


2 Lie

Run For The Gold

Daddy Freight Train

Whistle In The Wind

Caught In A Lie


Crazy Now

Friday, April 23, 2010

SET LIST: Exit 380 @ Trees w/ FTM

Exit380 @ Trees Dallas (4.23.10)
w/ Fair To Midland, Serosia, & House Harkonnen:

Science Of Man

Quid Pro Quo

House & Tree

Street Trash View

Caught In A Lie


Daddy Freight Train


The Courtship Of Sue Stone

Monday, April 19, 2010

City Tavern "Home Sessions" Live Tapes

A few weeks ago Jeremy, Aaron, & I played for a new intimate music recording series at City Tavern in Downtown Dallas called "Home Sessions" put on by Method Entertainment. It came off much like an MTV Unplugged show; where they enforce a 'Silence Is Golden' Policy inside the venue during taping of the show.

The live experience was amazing to us as artists, as the audience allowed us to grasp that ever fleeting notion of really being heard. The feeling returned to me last Friday night when I received the recording files from Ace (thanks again) and sat down at my home studio to give them a listen.

Over the years we have compiled several live recordings, both full rock band and acoustic, and none have ever captured the essence of our performance better than this one. I have the tracks scuttled away, and mixing them a bit, but I will get with the band and hopefully we can release the set in a viable form soon.

Do yourself a favor...go to City Tavern; exciting acts, great atmosphere, and all around frivolity every night. And, if you want to do yourself two favors...check out the band Smile Smile, they headlined that evening and they were uber-bien (yes, two languages worth of good).


Friday, April 16, 2010

ZERO ONE Movie Sountrack

Zero One Official Movie Trailer

The Zero One Movie Trailer on YouTube featuring Exit 380 "Science Of Man". The official movie soundtrack will feature several Exit 380 songs, with release dates pending.

Local Yokel Show Episode 14

Some of the guys from Exit 380 stopped by The Dump on Gaston to sit in with the guys. They caught us up on what they've been up to, play some songs and talk their newest EP, Cities Townies. Also, Pete talks the greatest DFW sports family in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and everyone chimes in on the best Mexican food in the Local BS. Enjoy.

Listen Here: Local Yokel Show #14

Posted April 8th, 2010

Cities Townies in the UK

Cities Townies in the UK

I received an email this week from a Radio DJ in Leicester, England named Justin Case. He's been airing "Street Trash View" off of our new EP on Harborough FM, so it looks as if Cities Townies is beginning to make it's leap across the pond.
Also, the editors at Leicester Bangs and Rock N' Reel Magazine in the UK will be releasing their EP reviews shortly.

-blocker 4.14.10

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Shop Radio's "Cities Townies" Review

The Shop’s Review of EXIT 380’s “Cities and Townies”

Hey! Meant to get into this a little faster than I have, but don’t hold that as a negative! I’ve been listening to “Cities and Townies” so much my Zune as crying out for mercy! “Cities” is the new 5 track EP from the phenomenal EXIT 380, who seems to get better with each thing they do. “Cities” is pretty straightforward in intent; it shows the maturing if EXIT 380 as a rock band (“Cities”) and moves toward experimentation in Country, and they did some fine work there as well.

“I Feel like you could take this off my hands”

Street Trash View is currently my fave; and the EP’s opener. This is a rocker showcasing life in the city from the homeless point of view. This song is just infectious, from the first fade up until the band slams it home. Bobby Shoes lays down percussion in a way that makes you want to hear what he does next, and Jimmy Bordo’s guitar progressions really moves it forward, with Blocker in classic form. These guys got my attention with their classic, “Science of Man”, and this song raises the bar driving forward then dropping into its bridge, all the while taking this empty street trash view.

“ALL I see is all for Me”

The second track, “Caught in a lie” is a bluesy number about relationships and distortion of the truth. It is unusual in that it analyzes a behavior I don’t think I’ve heard captured in a song before. We’ve all been there, someone is leveling an accusation in a situation in which we feel we are justified. In order to keep peace, we stand down, capitulate, and say “well, if I’m wrong, I guess you are right”. The band is turning in terrific work, but check Jeremy Hutch’s guitar solo.

“A come a rumbling..for us all”

We start down that country road here. I did country music in the late 70’s about the time it lost the “and Western” moniker. I really liked Johnny Cash’s take on it, which was the seminal track “I will rock and roll with you.. If I have to” (this from his Gone Girl CD if you wanna check it) and “Daddy was a Freight Train” is just a much fun. I sing this rolling down the road, and have thought about adding it to the playlist.” This song deals with a country man whose wife is screwing around, and he’s pissed. The way EXIT 380 put it together sounds like an ominous warning, with select train crossing SFX, and great musicianship once again. No pedal steel here, not yet.

“Would you run for the Gold?”

Okay now we might have western creeping in. Run for the Gold is unusual even for a country song in that it’s set in California Gold Rush days. The setup is a panhandler who’s taking that long shot gamble in his run for riches. He’s desperate, the song has good mellow overtones and harmonization.

“Pay it no Mind”

Harland's Wife wraps Cities and Townies. Lyrically, it fits the country side, musically it sounds like one of the tracks from “Life and Death of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stone”. It’s a cheating song, older woman, younger man, and is justified by the fact Harland beat his wife, and her kids.

EXIT 380 just gets better with time. They have a track, and they are staying that track, with a little subtle experimentation. This is what drives a band up and keeps them fresh. You can snag a copy of “Cities” on iTunes.

-AnalogKidd, The Shop Internet Rock Radio

HOUSTON EXAMINER **Exit380 5 Out Of 5 Stars**

Houston Examiner Live Review: Exit380 @ Scout Bar *5 Stars*

The versatility of Exit 380’s music is what makes you a fan in the beginning and it’s what will keep you a fan until the end.

Let me backtrack for a second. The alternative rock band Exit 380 was formed in Denton, TX back in the spring of 1999 and has since built a large and loyal fan base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The band traveled to Scout Bar Houston to play the Texas Buzz show last Sunday.

I had seen Exit 380 back in 2005/06 perform at Fitzgerald’s back and remembered them as being more alternative mainstream rock. But now, it’s as though the boy has grown into a man and Exit 380 has developed and matured into more. Much more…
The members of Exit 380 are Dustin Blocker (vocals), Jimi Bordo and Jeremy Hutch (guitars), The Hutch (bass) and Bobby Shoes (drums). Their performance onstage was filled with energy and emotion. The music willingly came through to the audience and all that had to be done was to just feel every rich part of it.

The talented quintet has become more experimental in their growth as musicians. Look at Exit 380’s last full length album for confirmation. “The Life & Death of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Stone” is a concept record of the life & tribulations of a fictional 1930's married couple. The first song is about their death. From there, the songs take you backwards through their lives. A whole other article could be written about the amazing music on that cd alone.

As Dustin Blocker said to me the night of their performance, “We can play with anyone.” Really, no truer words have been spoken. Exit 380’s latest release is a five song EP aptly named “Cities Townies”. It combines classic rock and southern rock with a bluesy soulful feel with additional elements of modern country and a sliding guitar.

I listened to their songs “Street Trash View” and “Run For The Gold” and thought those were my favorite, but then went back and listen to the cd again and “Caught In A Lie”, “Daddy Was A Freight Train” and “Harland’s Wife” stood out. Each song is unique and just so good to listen to. “Cities Townies” is a pure quality.

-Rhonda Meredith (Houston, Tx)

Lyrics "Cities Townies" EP

Cities Townies EP Lyrics

Street Trash View

I feel like you could take this off my hands
Making my arms so weak they can’t extend
Well I reel, like I do, with an empty Street Trash View
Whilst awake, I engage with those who leave no trace

This is where I live. This is it. This is where I beg.
This is it. This is how I live. This is it. Is this it?

I feel like if I could just wash my head
That the source of my lone fate would soon be flipped.
Piece by piece, re-growing what once was dead.

So, I hear…”Love is blind…that (it) transcends all hell and time.”
That sounds good…that sounds alright, but lady I ain’t blind
Just beat, and worn from sun, scorched by rain, without a home
No roof to wear; nothing but this empty street trash view.
I’ve known all the time, that this is it, I’m not in line for nothing else.
Guess it’s best to leave love to the blind.
lyrics: Blocker

Caught In A Lie

All I see is what’s for me. When you want two, I’m taking three.
One by one it builds up so easily.

What spins ‘round inside, combines with lust and swallowed pride.
A promise to an only child…I know I’m wrong, I guess you’re right.

Cauterized and caught in lies. I called your name, got you surprised.
If they cut off your hands, I’d give you both my eyes.

What’s up and down at times, is chased by guilt, swallowed with pride.
The question on a lover’s mind, is “If I’m wrong, then who was right?”

Caught in a lie, caught in a lie
Call you the liar, brandished in fire
And I’ll be the lion, the cowardice lion.

What spins ‘round inside, combines with lust and swallowed pride.
A promise to an only child…I know I’m wrong, I guess you’re right.
lyrics: Blocker

Daddy Was A Freight Train

Daddy, he’s a’comin’ for us all. Rumblin’ like a freight train down the hall.
His face is as filthy, as his heart. Daddy he’s a’comin’ for us all.

You run…You run…You run…

Is Maw gonna save us? No, not at all. She’s off with Uncle bristlin’ in the barn.
Her back is as filthy as her heart. Daddy he’s a’comin’ for us all.

You run…You run…You run…

Now I have turned the corner and can’t get home. Though a fire’s a’burnin’, I can’t get warm.
I guess Daddy turned me into his Son, when he came a’rumblin’ down the hall…
lyrics: Blocker

Run For The Gold

Riding from the land of blood. Blinded by the greed and lust.
Gonna reach Paloma when morning comes…....American.. ..River...., here I come.

Would you run, would you? Could you run, could you? Would you run for the gold.

Pony’s head is riding low. No more clay from his hooves we’ll throw.
Gonna send my fortune back to Rhome. ....California.... I call you home.

Would you run, would you? Could you run, could you? Would you run for the gold.

Might lose it all in this one chance, trading my life for this dance, the whiskey in my puch is almost empty.
Please, oh Lord, bail me out, make my pony strong and stout, trailboss says, “On day to go."
lyrics: Borden

Harland’s Wife

Black suit affair. Harland’s wife. Diego’s son. One tentatively old, the other young.
White washed walls backed taut by the sun, they cooked until they cracked, open wide, overdone.

“I guess you don’t mind” he said, “that I’m not your man. That old Harland is working tough, while you’re laying here…”
“Pay it no mind” she said, “you’ll be my man. Pay it no mind” she said, “he’ll soon be dead.”

Black suit affair. Mourn the stone. Old Harland’s wife and her five boys.
Tempered in gray the line’s been crossed.

“I guess you don’t mind” he said, “that I killed your man. That old Harland stuffed and tucked, while you’re laying here…”
“Pay it no mind” she said, “you did what you should…for Harland did treat me rough…and battered all of my kids.”
lyrics: Blocker

QUICK MAGAZINE: Q&A Exit 380 singer Dustin Blocker

QUICK MAGAZINE: Feature "Cities Townies" EP (2.11.10)

Q&A: Exit 380 singer Dustin Blocker
Alt-rock band ready to release new EP 'Cities/Townies'
Thursday, February 11, 2010
By Hunter Hauk /

Local alt-rock band Exit 380 proved itself capable of evolution when it released 2008's The Life and Death of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stone. Singer Dustin Blocker and his bandmates sampled a variety of genres on the concept album about the life of a 1930s couple.

They continue their musical tour with Cities/Townies, a 5-song EP they're releasing later this month. Think of Cities/Townies as half rock, half country-folk. And don't be surprised if the band expands this idea to a double-disc release down the line.
Blocker is the band's principal songwriter and the man behind the EP's concept, so we thought we'd drop him a note with some questions.
Here's what we got back.

Q: This is the second record in a row that's built on a concept. What were your inspirations in coming up with the 'Cities/Townies' theme?

Blocker: This time it was completely accidental. The band started demos last January and it seemed that every song fell on one side of the spectrum (mod rock "Cities") or the other (folk-country "Townies"). It felt contrived to buck against the trend of the music the band was laying down, so I just gave it a name to help us focus in a bit.

Q: You seem to be on the cities side in the photos accompanying the EP; does that speak to your upbringing and experience more?

Blocker: That's an oddity, because I spent my childhood in San Angelo, and my teenage/adult life has been in Fort Worth and Dallas. So, my upbringing and experience are from both. I assume that's why these recordings have clicked with me so much on a personal level.

Q: On the more country-folk-oriented songs, what was your challenge in composing and playing them?

Blocker: Funny, it takes a ton of work in the practice room to flesh out the rock tracks and keep them restrained and listenable, yet on the country ones the challenge was all in the studio and in production work. It's the layering of the simple and not pushing things over the top that make those tunes breathe. In a live setting it has [caused] us to take on more roles.

Q: Will there be a more expansive version of 'Cities/Townies', since you have a lot more songs written?

Blocker: Yes, if we can find the energy and schedule it correctly then we have around 20 more songs that we wrote for the project. The original idea was one disc Cities and one Townies. Hopefully we can accomplish the feat in 2010 while the energy from this EP is still floating about.

Q: You guys seem to be in an experimental phase. What are some sounds you'd like to explore in the future?

Blocker: Personally, we all are pushing to explore different avenues. Borden is pushing towards bluesy country, the Hutch brothers for riff-tastic experimentalism, I am getting into rhythmic synth stuff, and Bobby is always bringing fresh ideas from indieland to the table. The best part about this band is that no one member drives the van.

More on Dustin Blocker ...

By day, I am: Special education teacher of children with autism
By night, I am: Asleep
Age: 30

One thing about my early 20s that I wish I could get back: The amount of work that wasn't required of me on a daily basis.
Something about me you wouldn't immediately pick up on is: My wife says it's my affability.
Three musicians who've made me who I am today are: Eddie Vedder, Robert Plant and Dylan. Vedder because of his low voice and aggressiveness, Plant for the raw ability, and Dylan for the words.
My biggest nonmusical passions are: Pen and ink, sports and Mexican food
After an Exit 380 show, you can always find me: Socializing
If I have one pet peeve, it's: People and things who are late
My friends and family would describe me as: Nonstop movement with a touch of worn-out

DALLAS OBSERVER "Cities Townies" EP Review

DALLAS OBSERVER: Cities Townies EP Review (2.11.10)

Exit 380
Cities Townies (Rockyard Records)
By Darryl Smyers

Published on February 10, 2010 at 2:18pm

Denton's Exit 380 is an alternative rock group that, turns out, isn't as schizophrenic as it may first appear. The band's last effort, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stone, flirted with a vague alt-country notion, and while Exit 380 is certainly capable of a variety of (disparate) styles, the energetic quintet now makes music that fits more comfortably in a Stone Temple Pilots/Alice in Chains groove.

Cities Townies, the band's new EP, is a rock record through and through—and a darn good one at that. Sure, a few cuts feature a nice acoustic riff, but songs like "Street Trash View" and "Caught in a Lie" are much closer to Led Zeppelin than the Old 97's.

Sure, this EP's embrace of straight-ahead rock may well turn off a few fans who favored the country concept of Alexander Stone, but there's no denying the band's comfort level with the material presented on Cities Townies. And vocalist Dustin Blocker's bellicose bellow is best suited to material that makes you want to knock back a couple of cold ones rather than reach for an almanac.

Sometimes the best music doesn't make you work too hard to enjoy it.

"Cities Townies" Studio Project

Exit380: Back in the Studio -- Album No.5 "Cities Townies" EP

We headed back to our studio in January to begin work on our 5th full length album, and the music has been pouring like oil through a sieve (roughly completing 9 tunes). The theme is thus far unchartered for us, but I can promise you that it is already shaping up to be "interesting" to say the least.

Some of the tracks could begin leaking into our live sets, so keep an ear out. We'll hit you with more info as this project progresses.

-blocker (3/9/09)
The Progression

Okay, the project has progressed. We are in mid-April and sitting at 15 new songs. The music is split down the middle with straight-on Rock, and the other half of Folk.
Having a new member, as well as, additional writer in Jeremy Hutch, has been a huge thrust creatively. The tentative name for the record is "Cities Townies" reflecting the music's duality, and in many ways mirroring our split personality as a band too; half from the city and half from the country, and the varied points of view that produces.
We posted a compilation of some of the tracks thus far, here on our myspace player. Enjoy.
-blocker (4/14/09)
More, More, More

...make that 20 songs. Another big couple of weeks creatively in the studio and the number of new tracks continues to rise.
Most of the tunes are much more upbeat from the previous outing, "The Life & Death Of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Stone". Bringing us from the melancholy and a bit more into the light. The form of the record is not close to solidification though, so the final product may still stray into darkness...we'll see.
-blocker (4/28/09)

It has been a few months since the last post and now it's the post-summer season. We topped out our demos at 22 songs in May and have scuddled them away for these months to work them out.
We have decided on a handful (that being 5) to pre-release for an EP. We will be re-recording those tunes in the coming months and my next BLOG post will give you an actual date of the EP release.
-blocker (9/4/09)

We've decided to go with producer/engineer Alex Gerst @ Indian Trails Studios near Denton to record half of the EP. Gerst has recorded some great locals including Moving Atlas, The Feds, Slow Roosevelt, Advent, Fair To Midland and more. So, needless to say we are pretty excited about seeing what direction his ear will bend ours.

The month of November will be spent recording at both Indian Trails and AB Studios, putting a release at early 2010.
-blocker (11.3.09)

We just wrapped up our Indian Trails Sessions w/ Alex Gerst and just by hearing the rough mixes we can tell this might be the best work yet. We recorded "Street Trash View" and "Caught In A Lie", and we will post them as soon as we get the mix, and you can judge for yourself.
-blocker (11/9/09)
FW WEEKLY "Hearsay" Section (12/3/09)

One thing I kinda "get" is mod-rock. I like a lot of the stuff I hear from 817 bands but not too much from elsewhere. So I'm a homer. In the words of the fisherman in the painting in Goodfellas: Whadda you want from me? And while indie-rocking hipsters uniformly write off contemporary mod-rock as a junkyard full of wannabe Pearl Jams or Toadies, I think most cool kids are mistaking sonic musculature, melody, and neat structure for artifice. Have we gotten to the point in our culture where rock music done well and in earnest is "fake" or "disingenuous"?
Does a song have to be sloppy, out of tune, and subtle to qualify as "truthful"? Is ironic distance -- essentially, making fun of yourself before anyone else can -- the only criterion for progressive music? If so, my friend, you need to readjust your logic goggles. Moving your preconceived notions to the fore of your consciousness is the first step in achieving an actually honest perspective toward not just rock music but all art. I also bet that more than half of the guitarists and drummers in allegedly progressive local bands (read: Denton post-punks) couldn't sit in with some of Fort Worth's most exemplary mod-rock outfits, including Merkin, In Memory of Man, and Exit 380, bands that are loud, in tune, and tight as hell. So put your prejudices aside for a minute and experience some quality mod-rock for yourself on Friday, when Exit 380 plays Lola's Saloon-Stockyards (105 W. Exchange Ave., 817-386-5008) with Loretti, Pepper Lane, and Potbelly. Co-produced by Alex Gerst (The Feds, Slow Roosevelt, Fair to Midland), Exit 380's fifth recording, tentatively titled Cities Townies, will be out early next year.

Master Tapes

We'll be receiving in our master tape for the "Cities Townies" EP today from Bart Rose @ Fort Worth Sound.
The release date(s) is/are still pending with the bookings getting worked out right now, but the tentative time looks to be late-February for the DFW area!
In the meantime, we posted 2 of the "Cities" tracks here on Myspace, as well as, the album promo shots Courtesy James Villa Photography.
EP Release Date Set

The release date has been set for Sat., Feb 27th @ TREES in Deep Ellum. We hope you are as excited as we are to push this one out and cram it into your ears.
The discs have been sent out to all corners of the four winds, so look for reviews to start popping up in the local magazines and the like. Darryl Smyers of the Dallas Observer has been the first to post on their DC9 Music Blog.

View HERE: Dallas Observer DC9 - Exit380 "Street Trash View"