Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exit 380 on "Kelsey Grammer Live" HD TV Show TONIGHT

I'll be doing a call-in interview tonight from 9-11pm (Central Time) to the Los Angeles based TODHD / On-Demand Tv show "Kelsey Grammer Live". It is setup so that the audience can chime into the host via the chatroom to ask questions to the various guests. This broadcast will be featured by Impulse Magazine for Men and I am assuming they'll be asking me about manly magazine type things (i.e. colognes, v-necks, and leather shoes). Also, Exit 380 should be tied in there too.

So, click up, log on, fire up a DVR or web in your phone tonight and let's see what happens.

Broadcast Live TONIGHT 9-11pm (Central Time) on "Kelsey Grammar Live" TODHD (Tv On-Demand HD).

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