Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going Old School...kinda.


Way back when in the olden days of our earliest beginnings of Exit 380 (early 2000's) we would run only at a few venues; mainly in Fort Worth & Denton. Tomorrow night we'll be visiting one of our old Funkytown haunts @ 8.0's in downtown.

The bar/restaurant/live music/outdoor patio has changed quite a bit over time, in terms of lighting and stage, but some of my fondest memories of those early years would have to be filed under the old downtown Pourhouse & 8.0's. The starkest contrast from then to now will have to come in the form of tomorrow night's event being an ORIGINAL MUSIC SERIES, as it was once hosted as a "play all night with cover tunes" type of venue.

Jonny The Saint will be opening the night @ 7pm, and Exit 380 hits the stage @ 9pm sharp. 21+, only $5 cover.

We hope to see some of those old schoolers reveling about on that brick laden patio tomorrow. And if you haven't seen us since circa 2000, then perhaps we'll be able to show you a bit of growth.

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