Monday, November 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Limited Edition "Townies" Prints

Perhaps over the last few months you've seen bits of James Villa's photography for our new Townies album on your cpu screen, but believe us, the digital viewfinder will never replace the real-deal physical print, so Hand Drawn Records has inked up an extremely limited number of posters (sixteen total), solely to give away at the two album release shows next weekend!

The limited prints are large, and mighty fine, so we are excited to get them into your hands. 

Since such a small quantity is available, old Lady Luck will determine the who-gets-what in the form of a free raffle at the gigs.  Of course, the band will sign them with the ink and marker; so there's that too.


In case you haven't seen the pics, here are a few of the cropped shots (don't worry we won't spill the milk into the bagful of cats by showing you the full meal deal).

What is the "Townies" Project?

Last summer Hand Drawn Records commisioned long-time Exit 380 photo and video contributor James Villa to shoot album art for the band's new full length album Townies.  The photographer spent the following months shooting vintage gas stations, dried up putting ranges, and drive-in movie theaters all over the backroads of Texas.

The sheer volume of quality shots returned to the label far exceeded the usage for the album panels, so alas, something small became something big.

Townies CD Release Shows:

FRI., DEC 9th @ LOLA'S SALOON (Fort Worth, TX) w/ Secret Ghost Champion and Igneous Grimm. All Ages. Show 10pm.

SAT., DEC 10th @ CLUB DADA (Dallas, TX) w/ Grant Jones, Eastwood and Secret Ghost Champion. 21+. Show 9pm.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LYRICS: In The Park | Townies

Townies is officially on pre-sale via-, but there's 17 days to go until the full length releases, so we've still got a ton of lyrics to post and supercool-ness-sess bonuses that we haven't even told you about yet!

So, put on your reading specs and get "In The Park" memorized to retain your lip-synching "front-row-joe/joan" status.  Not a ton of lyrics, so it should be an easy one for the brain.

Courtesy James Villa Photography 2011

In the Park
Lyrics by Dustin Blocker (ASCAP)

I was the one who took you one, brash and bold. That was the way it used to go, when we was young.

Oh, it just seemed right beneath the moon chill in the park at night.

You were the one who spoke in tongues, wild with moans. That was the way it used to go, when we was young.

Oh, I cannot lie it was you all the time. The love I take in now…

What I told you in your ear it still draws near although that night is gone it’s like a mirror, drawing lines to the past in fleeting grasps. Take your Mother home till I get back.
Colors change, “Yes”, but not the smells, they ripple like the waves in that wishing well. They dry till it’s flushed and won’t pay out, with nickels in the bottom looking up.

Oh, it just seemed right beneath that moon chill, the love I take in, in the park at night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pre-Sale Now: TOWNIES + Bonuses!

Our new album Townies starts its pre-sale today!  This is the exclusive digital album and comes loaded with perks that you won't get on the physical record (special liner notes & bonus tracks).

Basically, when you buy it pre-sale you immediately get our first single "Soul Burning Train" (as well as "Run for the Gold" and "Daddy Was a Freight Train"), then they email you the rest of the album when it officially release on December 9th!
Pre-order of Townies including immediate download of 3 tracks in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

Exclusive "Townies" LINER NOTES with previously unreleased art and lyrics ONLY when you purchase the entire album!

Pre-order Now $9.99 USD
releases 09 December 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LYRICS: Soul Burning Train | Townies

Back in April we were talking about our guitarist Aaron Borden's newest contribution to Townies "Soul Burning Train", and how much the band was loving his demos.

With the release dates in just over a month we're laying out the lyric sheets for some sneak-peeks; and if you want the REAL insider info ..."Soul Burning Train" will be our first single off the record, so start getting your ears tuned for it.

Courtesy James Villa Photography 2011 Hand Drawn Records

Soul Burning Train
Lyrics by Aaron Borden (ASCAP)

Hanging on for too long letting go made me fly, free to love, free to roam…again.
Years of a one-handed grip on a dream broke free, the day of lust is gone.

I woke from a dream and escaped this soul burning train.
A driver or a rider?
Either way it’s a coatless day in the rain.

Wrapped around the wheel threw me for a loop, too many times my broken pride bled my side.
Breaking my hand free of this rusted chain, save my soul, heal my wounds; help me find my love of life.

I woke from a dream and escaped this soul burning train.
A driver or a rider?
Either way it’s a coatless day in the rain.

Friday, November 4, 2011

LYRICS: Daddy Was a Freight Train | Townies

Here we go...Track 2 for "Townies" Daddy Was a Freight Train...quite the feather in poppa's trucker cap.

Pencils and Photography by Dustin Blocker

Daddy Was a Freight Train
Lyrics by Dustin Blocker (ASCAP)

Daddy he’s a coming for us all…Rumbling like a freight train down the hall.
His face is as filthy as his heart….Daddy he’s a coming for us all.

You run. You run. You run.

Is Ma’ gonna save us? No, not at all…she’s off with Uncle bristling in the barn.
Her back is as filthy as her heart…Daddy he’s a coming for us all.

You run. You run. You run.

Now I’ve turned the corner, I can’t get home. Though a fire’s rumbling, I can’t get warm.
I guess Daddy turned me into his Son when he came a rumbling down the hall.

You run. You run. You run.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

LYRICS: Run for the Gold | Townies

So, we'll be posting the lyrics sheets for each Townies track one-by-one (and in order for those of you who want to pay close attention), the first one being...Run for the Gold.

Enjoy and even watch the video.

Run for the Gold
Lyrics by Aaron Borden (ASCAP)

Riding from the Land of Blood. Blinded by the greed and lust. Gonna reach Paloma, when morning comes. American River here I come.

Would you run, would you? Could you run, could you? Would you run for the gold?

Pony’s head is riding low. No more clay from his hooves to throw. Gonna send my fortune back to Rhome. California I called you home.

Would you run, would you? Could you run, could you? Would you run for the gold?

I might lose it all in this one chance, trading my life for this dance. The whiskey in my pouch is almost empty. Please, Oh Lord, bail me out, make my pony strong and stout. The Trail Boss says, “Just one day to go”!

Would you run, would you? Could you run, could you? Would you run for the gold?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And the New Drummer is…(insert drumroll here)

And the New Drummer is…(insert drumroll here)

Out of the loop? Longtime drummer Bobby Shoes left the band in July to pursue more Bobby-doms, leaving us with a large gap in the rhythm department (by exactly one half to be accurate), which slowed our Townies recording production slightly and got us sniffing about for a live counterpart too.

We sweat it out through several auditions, and as most things tend to do; the search came around full circle to enlist the help of one of our good friends Secret Ghost Champion drummer Jody McCauley.

Now, to be clear, Jody will not be a full-time member for Exit 380, as he will continue to hold that role for SGC. However, this will allow us to flesh out the highpoint of our recording careers by playing Townies live (yes, Townies is that cool).

One more thing…Jody is a Bone-A-Fide skin killer (that means he’s rather quite good at the drumming). So pack some stickum for your toupee and perhaps a swath of Velcro for your hat.

We’ll see you in December!


FRIDAY, DEC. 9th @ LOLA’S SALOON (Fort Worth, TX)
SATURDAY, DEC. 10th @ CLUB DADA (Dallas, TX)

Courtesy James Villa Photography 2011