Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Busy Week!!

Where to begin...let's start from last Wednesday after the FW Weekly nomination post.

E3 played Lola's (amazing staff by the way) in Funkytown for a Cystic Fibrosis Benefit and it went off great! Boomin Gen Mills and Secret Ghost Champion were on their A-Game, and there was a good turnout w/ some very generous people in attendance (raising around $1200: nice job Marlo). When 2am came about some parking lot excitement ensued (sorry I can't expound), but I think Guillitine needs to get Ab a new grey shirt.

The band went seperate ways for the Memorial Day Weekend.

1002 emails and social pg things to catch up on. Among them 8 new bookings over the next two months (not all confirmed, but check or our myspace for the new show dates. Basically, we confirmed on a AED benefit, a ASCC (cancer) benefit, the RBAR 11th Anniversary Party (feat. all us old UNT bands circa 2002), a couple of Fort Worth Music Co-op events, Six Flags Loud & Local, and a slot on the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Showcases.

Approval to have our music licensed in film, video games, advertisements, etc. Meetings set up w/ a few different mover/shakers to include such riveting topics as; an animated video for "Daddy Was A Freight Train", a live/studio footage video for "Moonshiner Run", promotion company from cali, Superbowl show(s) with some big timers, and some new record label people we haven't met yet.

Friday (tomorrow):
Ok, I am seeing into the future here. We're playing The Cavern on Lower Greenville, and we really enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the venue, so we'll be rolling in to do an acoustic performance (actually it's b/c Bobby couldn't get off work to bang the skins). Anyways, I'm going out on a limb to say it will be a killer time.