Monday, April 19, 2010

City Tavern "Home Sessions" Live Tapes

A few weeks ago Jeremy, Aaron, & I played for a new intimate music recording series at City Tavern in Downtown Dallas called "Home Sessions" put on by Method Entertainment. It came off much like an MTV Unplugged show; where they enforce a 'Silence Is Golden' Policy inside the venue during taping of the show.

The live experience was amazing to us as artists, as the audience allowed us to grasp that ever fleeting notion of really being heard. The feeling returned to me last Friday night when I received the recording files from Ace (thanks again) and sat down at my home studio to give them a listen.

Over the years we have compiled several live recordings, both full rock band and acoustic, and none have ever captured the essence of our performance better than this one. I have the tracks scuttled away, and mixing them a bit, but I will get with the band and hopefully we can release the set in a viable form soon.

Do yourself a favor...go to City Tavern; exciting acts, great atmosphere, and all around frivolity every night. And, if you want to do yourself two favors...check out the band Smile Smile, they headlined that evening and they were uber-bien (yes, two languages worth of good).


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