Thursday, April 15, 2010

HOUSTON EXAMINER **Exit380 5 Out Of 5 Stars**

Houston Examiner Live Review: Exit380 @ Scout Bar *5 Stars*

The versatility of Exit 380’s music is what makes you a fan in the beginning and it’s what will keep you a fan until the end.

Let me backtrack for a second. The alternative rock band Exit 380 was formed in Denton, TX back in the spring of 1999 and has since built a large and loyal fan base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The band traveled to Scout Bar Houston to play the Texas Buzz show last Sunday.

I had seen Exit 380 back in 2005/06 perform at Fitzgerald’s back and remembered them as being more alternative mainstream rock. But now, it’s as though the boy has grown into a man and Exit 380 has developed and matured into more. Much more…
The members of Exit 380 are Dustin Blocker (vocals), Jimi Bordo and Jeremy Hutch (guitars), The Hutch (bass) and Bobby Shoes (drums). Their performance onstage was filled with energy and emotion. The music willingly came through to the audience and all that had to be done was to just feel every rich part of it.

The talented quintet has become more experimental in their growth as musicians. Look at Exit 380’s last full length album for confirmation. “The Life & Death of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Stone” is a concept record of the life & tribulations of a fictional 1930's married couple. The first song is about their death. From there, the songs take you backwards through their lives. A whole other article could be written about the amazing music on that cd alone.

As Dustin Blocker said to me the night of their performance, “We can play with anyone.” Really, no truer words have been spoken. Exit 380’s latest release is a five song EP aptly named “Cities Townies”. It combines classic rock and southern rock with a bluesy soulful feel with additional elements of modern country and a sliding guitar.

I listened to their songs “Street Trash View” and “Run For The Gold” and thought those were my favorite, but then went back and listen to the cd again and “Caught In A Lie”, “Daddy Was A Freight Train” and “Harland’s Wife” stood out. Each song is unique and just so good to listen to. “Cities Townies” is a pure quality.

-Rhonda Meredith (Houston, Tx)

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