Friday, November 5, 2010

New E3 Bio Posted

The new has continued to facelift as our updated band biography was posted yesterday (see: "About Me" page). Personally, I am happy to see our musical ambiguity has finally been transposed into literary ambiguity.

See below:

  In the spring of 1999, spawned by an insidious need for attention; Exit 380 began its crawl in the wet streets of Denton, Texas from acoustic two-piece bar schlock to the more sprint ready five-headed alternative act wrought with electrified instruments. Best known in the North Texas region for its 11 years of rock and roll pandering, the band has begun to wear a new tread into its heel by hitchhiking down a more swamp laden, alt-country road.
  Late nights, loud tirades and long winding tire sessions have honed five individuals into a hand-wrench diesel engine complete with minimal banter and maximum thrust. The formulaic live standards are lightly adhered to in the club setting and even less so within the studio; recording without the use of a net.
  Standing on the frayed edges of alternative music Exit 380 has been well received by media types; quantified by accolades, interviews, reviews and general press niceties. Swimming in an ever changing sea of styles this is an act that stays fresh by keeping its toes in different waters.