Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Raggedy Woods" Pencils by Blocker

When creating the Townies album art I did A LOT of concept sketches, but none of them would stick until this one hit me like a...thunderbolt, light bulb?

The original piece was a large close-up of the Raggedy Ann and Andy characters, but the guys (ahem, Borden...Kelly) said it was "too creepy".  My thought is that if you get weirded out by a drawing of Raggedy Ann and Andy, then you might need to revisit your creepy threshold.

Well, I gave in a bit, because I made them smaller and threw them into the forest, which lends more to the backwoods theme anyways.

This image has been pressed onto all 1000 copies of Townies, so if they "creep" you out, perhaps just leave it in the player with the repeat-button pushed?   Problem solved!

Click for Larger Image
"Raggedy Woods" Pencils by Dustin Blocker.