Friday, April 15, 2011

TOWNIES: Borden Crushes The Taylor 914ce

If you don't know our guitarist Aaron Borden, then let me expound for a touch, as he is like that song by The Osmonds. This, of course, explains how he runs the myriad of styles in-between older cuts; "Quid Pro Quo", "Run For The Gold", "Closure", and (bringing me to the point) his two new Townies tracks "Soul Burning Train" and "Where Do We Go From Here", as they are impressive stand-alones from his earlier catalogue.

Quickest summation of the two demos:
Teary-eyed acoustic flourishes that are as catchy as a toad's tongue to a dragonfly's wings.

Think of me as an unabashedly biased listener, but in all honesty, I scrutinize and naysay our tracks to an obsession unheralded by any fan I encounter, so I believe it's plausible for me to speak on the songwriting merits of my own bandmate. If you would like, I could slight the numerous e3 tracks I dislike, but perhaps that would be counterproductive to this post?

Anyhow, the two tracks aren't quite ready for aural consumption on disc, but it is safe to say a live set will include these cuts in the immediate future. And per usual, the Hutch brothers are dialing in some extremely unique track takes of their own, but I will brag on them later.

This one is all Bordo.


Taylor 914ce

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