Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And the New Drummer is…(insert drumroll here)

And the New Drummer is…(insert drumroll here)

Out of the loop? Longtime drummer Bobby Shoes left the band in July to pursue more Bobby-doms, leaving us with a large gap in the rhythm department (by exactly one half to be accurate), which slowed our Townies recording production slightly and got us sniffing about for a live counterpart too.

We sweat it out through several auditions, and as most things tend to do; the search came around full circle to enlist the help of one of our good friends Secret Ghost Champion drummer Jody McCauley.

Now, to be clear, Jody will not be a full-time member for Exit 380, as he will continue to hold that role for SGC. However, this will allow us to flesh out the highpoint of our recording careers by playing Townies live (yes, Townies is that cool).

One more thing…Jody is a Bone-A-Fide skin killer (that means he’s rather quite good at the drumming). So pack some stickum for your toupee and perhaps a swath of Velcro for your hat.

We’ll see you in December!


FRIDAY, DEC. 9th @ LOLA’S SALOON (Fort Worth, TX)
SATURDAY, DEC. 10th @ CLUB DADA (Dallas, TX)

Courtesy James Villa Photography 2011

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