Friday, July 8, 2011

Bobby Shoes Leaving Exit 380 // FAREWELL SHOW

Over the last few months several changes have come to life; new management, signing to Hand Drawn Records, retaining KP as our full-time keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, and wrapping on a 2-year recording process for the full-length Townies album.  Of course those are additions, and sadly, now there will be a subtraction.

After five phenomenal years of breaking kick drumheads for Exit 380, Bobby Shoes has decided to move along to pursue time away from performance.  He has been a huge catalyst for our creative growth as a group, and of course, we love the bastard. So, we're definitely sad to see him go.

BUT - Its a celebration he says, and for celebration's sake, Bob will be doing one last gig with us in Fort Worth at the end of July.

Don't hide your light under the bushel, come say "BYE BOBBY" in person.

Heather Shoes we love you too.

SATURDAY, JULY 23RD: The Wild Rooster (3204 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX) // Exit 380 and Secret Ghost Champion // Doors 9pm. 21+.


If you're wondering how we've managed to record an new album without a drummer; it's because Jeremy Hutch has been pulling double-duty on guitar and drums.

Also, the band has been auditioning drummers and we're inches from an agreement on a winner...chicken dinner.  More of that later; for now, CELEBRATION.


Bobby Shoes defining the proper technique of Max Relax and/or Chillaxing.

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  1. Well hell...the end of an era...we'll miss you Bobby Shoes!!! You keep in touch now, ya hear? - DR